Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3 Tips for Being Successful in College

Being in college for three years has taught me a lot about being successful in school. I feel that sharing some of the things I learned would be helpful to someone who will be going to college in the future.

1. Take your butt to class!!

In college you are on your own and you are in charge of yourself. This means that mommy/daddy/auntie/grandmammie etc... will not be there to wake you up, drag you out of bed and make you go to class. If you decide to stay in bed because you socialized all night long and your tired, that is on you. Though being in class is only part of the equation, most of the time attendance is a part of your grade and you miss out on information that you will be lectured and quizzed on. Another thing is...if you are going to be in class, PAY ATTENTION. If you plan on sitting in the back to sleep or talk you might as well stayed home.

2. Do your homework/reading assignments

Keep in mind that on the first day of class the professor is going to give you a syllabus that includes everything that will happen during the course of the semester. Take a look at it so there won't be any surprises. A lot of the learning you do in college is self-instructed. This will include a lot of reading. Doing your homework/reading assignments aid in helping you remember the material. Also it helps to read BEFORE class so you will have an idea of what the professor is talking about and what sections you need to pay close attention to during the lecture. Afterwards, see your professor about things you didn't quite understand.

3. Plan out and divide your work load accordingly ( DON'T PROCRASTINATE and CRAM)

Example : If you have an exam in 2 weeks, plan to study a little everyday instead of doing an 'all nighter' the night before. Avoid 'all nighters' if possible. Sleep is crucial to your health. Procrastination will definitely cause you to suffer more than you actually need to.

Although I have TONS more advice on this subject, these are just a few tips that will help you be successful in school. My best advice is, learn how to do these things BEFORE you get to college so that you will have a head start in developing good habits.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thought of the Day

How much time do you spend admiring someone else's hair? Do you constantly stalk their blogs/vlogs/tumblrs and photo albums to see what they are doing next with their hair? Do you find yourself wishing you had their hair texture, or their length?

After being natural for almost 4 years, I noticed a few things about myself and other women. We are ALWAYS wishing we had someone else's hair. It's always "I wish I had her texture" or " I wish my hair did that"

There isn't anything wrong with admiring someone else's hair, but sometimes we are so busy looking at other people's manes that we forget about whats growing out of our own head. Today I challenge you to take the time out to admire your own hair texture and your own length as much as you do others. After all, someone is out there admiring and wishing that they had your hair.