Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finals Week

Ugggh... so it's finally here. The end of my junior year. The late night escapades with caffeine and five hour energy drinks... the pressure of finishing all of your assignments before the deadlines (all who take classes know how it is). But in the midst of all the drama associated with the last days of school,  I can't help but to stop and appreciate the fact that I have successfully reached this point. All my hard work has paid off. =)

And who do I owe it to? None else but my Lord and savior Jesus Christ... who has been there every step of the way. Every exam, every quiz, every time I felt unprepared, every time I felt like I couldn't do it, and even when I mismanaged my time.

And of course, all my family and friends who supported me along the way <3

So... to all those who are going through finals now or sometime in the near future, you aren't alone. Finish strong!!