Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer so far

So... The semester is over, and I'm getting ready to start summer classes. I decided to go to nursing school after my NICU shadowing experience. So now I have to take some prerequisites in order to apply. I'm back home, and I need a car and a job. So far I have been turned down by a few places. It's a little discouraging but something has to happen. In other news, my hair has been growing, and it seems like its getting thicker since I've started finger detangling. Im about to start protective styling again because it's too much to wear it out. So for now I want to see if I can experiment with some bunning styles with my twists and see how that goes. I am continuing with my co-washing once a week, with a weekly deep conditioning. I'm trying to finish up this Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonaisse before I buy a new deep conditioner that is all natural. The ingredients in the Hair Mayo sucks, it make me cringe every time I use it. I'm thinking about Shea Moisture's Deep Treatment Mask. I should be taking some pictures soon.