Saturday, May 18, 2013

Twisted Updo and Curlformers Attempt (CAUTION: PICTURE HEAVY)

Hey guys... so this is long overdue, but let us play catch up.

In the past month I successfully attempted a twist updo.

I finally got around to trying curlformers. But I made the sections too small and ran out of  them by the time I got to the top part of my head. So I proceeded to improvise with perm rods *smh*
Lets just say that it didn't quite work out as I planned it ( please excuse the weary look on my face LOL) . So I spent about an hour and a half trying to style the crazy mop of curls on my head and came up with THIS:

Unfortunately, this style only lasted a day, which doesn't surprise me. I turned it into a braid-out and went on with my life. I did try curlformers again for graduation, this time with bigger sections, and as you can see from my graduation post, it was a success!!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Hey guys, I have been MIA because I was preparing to GRADUATE FROM HOWARD UNIVERSITY!!!!

Yes, I graduated from Howard University College of Arts and Sciences on May 11th, 2013, with a B.S. in Biology. My cumulative GPA was 3.93. I graduated from the Honors Program, and I also was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa honor society that week.

I am extremely proud of myself. I worked hard. Sacrificed a lot of 'social time'. But it paid off because now I have a degree to show for it. No I didn't cry, but I did feel sad at times because I was going to miss college. But every phase of life has a duration, and now I am moving on to my next phase. Im moving back home with my parents, finding a job ( hopefully in my field), taking two classes during the fall and spring semester, and applying to nursing school. My goal is to get accepted into University of Pennsylvania's Accelerated BSN/MSN program so I can become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. But I do have some back up schools I will apply to in the event that I don't get accepted into that program.

 I dearly value my education, and all the things I have learned. Why? Because I love to learn =). Congrats to everyone who is graduating in this season! We made it!! <3 Toodles!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Twist and Curl: REMIX!

Hey guys, so I'm back with last week's hair do. I was feeling a little ambitious with all this success with my wash and go, so I decided to try a twist-n-curl. Technically, I would call it a two strand flat twist and curl, but that's way too long... so lets just call it a twist-n-curl *wink*.

What I did:
I detangled and conditioned with Tresseme Naturals Conditioner
Deep conditioned with Shea Moisture's Deep Treatment Mask
Used Kinky Curly Knot Today Conditioner as a leave-in
Almond Oil
EcoStyler Gel (Clear)

Then I proceeded to flat twist (guys, last time I did a flat twist out was 2010!) I twisted my hair all the way down to the ends and rolled them up on medium size perm rods. Then I proceeded to air dry overnight. Here are my results!

It came out cute.. but I had to fluff it a little bit to get some volume.

And those are my results! I think this is a win! I received a TON of compliments, which I was well pleased with. Only downfall is that it was in the eighty's that day, and the humidity ruined it by the end of the day. Oh well =) Next time I'll pick a cooler, less humid day.  And I think I will part my hair differently too... The side part was a little much in my face *smh* Toodles!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maintaining My Wash and Go - My Modified Pineapple

As promised, I am back with how I maintained my wash and go overnight. But first off, I want to mention how happy I was with my wash and go, and how many compliments I received. It was very low maintenance ( which is a plus for me) and it decreases the styling time after I wash my hair. I was able to wear it for about four or five days, even though my hair got bigger with each day and turned into a curly afro by day 5 lol. Ok.. enough rambling.

What I used:
Bobby Pins (Big and Small)
Satin Pillowcase
Olive Oil
Spray Bottle with water (if needed)

At night, I sectioned my hair and flat twisted it into a pineapple, rather then pull my hair into a ponytail on the top of my head (which many naturals do). My curls can't handle such intense stretching, I would end up with straight hair around the perimeter of my head lol.

After  sleeping peacefully on my satin pillowcase, I take the pins out and take the flat twists down. Then I proceed to shaking and teasing my curls back into place. If my hair seems to stretched, I spray water on it to reactivate the stretched out roots. I add olive oil to keep it moisturized and shiny. Then I go on with my day! It's as simple as that =). Till next time... Toodles

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I have returned... with a HAIR UPDATE!!

Hey guys, long time no see (way too long). I'm graduating this semester and it's been a very hectic senior year. But anyway, lets get straight into business. My hair has grown significantly since the last time I posted a hair update. I finally cut off all of my highlights. Yesterday I did a protein treatment with Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner. My hair has been suffering from a lot of split ends, so I'm in dire need of a trim within the next few weeks. I've been protective styling most of the time. But most importantly, I think I have finally mastered my wash and go!!! *applause* This is a big milestone for me because out of all the almost 5 years I have been natural, I have never seemed to master the art of wash and going. At first I was so obsessed with getting my hair to look like everyone else's wash and go, but I finally decided to stop putting unrealistic expectations on my hair and just let it do what it do =). Not to mention I decided to by Ecostyler gel and diffuser attachment (my saving grace). Here is what I would normally do:

1. Detangle with Tresseme Naturals conditioner
2. Co-wash with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose
3. Deep condition with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask
4. Apply Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave in
5. Add oil (extra virgin olive oil)
6. Add Ecostyler Gel ( the clear one, maximum hold)
7. Diffuse and go!!
 (I never realized how many different brands I use!)
I'll do a post soon on how I maintain my wash and go. I'm still learning guys, but so far it has been a success, I am very pleased. Feel free to comment and ask questions!! Toodles!

Shortly after diffusing
Shortly after diffusing

Shortly after diffusing ( as you can see, my texture goes from tight at the top to loose at the bottom. CRAZY!! )

The next day
The next day: This is the best I have EVER seen my hair

The next day

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Does anyone even care?

I love reading blogs. I check my favorite natural hair, beauty, and fashion blogs everyday. I also like tuning into my favorite YouTube channels too. I look at these women, and I'm like, wow, they are so beautiful, so cool, so confident, so inspirational. Then I think to myself, I want to be an inspiration too! I want to share a bit of my life too. But not so people can think of me as cool or to gain popularity. I want to offer healing to a broken heart. I want to love on people. I want to empower somebody.

But then those thoughts start pouring in... like there are so many blogs out there... what makes you think anyone would want to hear what you have to say?

Well, I'm not sure.... but I can at least try. And maybe, just maybe, for once.. I will be able to see the brilliance that everyone else sees.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Long awaited Update

I know I haven't been around for a while, lets just say I lost my feel for blogging. But I am back! By the way, I've changed my URL from trulovegangsta to bubblibianca, so if your looking for me, thats my URL.

It's almost a month into my senior year in college, and no... unlike many of my fellow seniors, I do NOT have a case of senioritis. But what I can say is that I am very blessed to have everything that I need, such as a new laptop. =)

My hair was in box braids that I did myself (for the very first time!!) and they came out looking great! I kept them in for almost five weeks. Actually, tonight is wash night. I did see a lot of growth, but unfortunately much of the growth will be getting trimmed off. Remember, taking care of your ends early in the game is better than waiting. This can lead to the split traveling up your hair shaft, breakage, and tangles. Take care of it as often as it needs to be taken care of.

That is all so far, I will take a few pictures of my hair when I am washing it so I can share my progress!!