Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maintaining My Wash and Go - My Modified Pineapple

As promised, I am back with how I maintained my wash and go overnight. But first off, I want to mention how happy I was with my wash and go, and how many compliments I received. It was very low maintenance ( which is a plus for me) and it decreases the styling time after I wash my hair. I was able to wear it for about four or five days, even though my hair got bigger with each day and turned into a curly afro by day 5 lol. Ok.. enough rambling.

What I used:
Bobby Pins (Big and Small)
Satin Pillowcase
Olive Oil
Spray Bottle with water (if needed)

At night, I sectioned my hair and flat twisted it into a pineapple, rather then pull my hair into a ponytail on the top of my head (which many naturals do). My curls can't handle such intense stretching, I would end up with straight hair around the perimeter of my head lol.

After  sleeping peacefully on my satin pillowcase, I take the pins out and take the flat twists down. Then I proceed to shaking and teasing my curls back into place. If my hair seems to stretched, I spray water on it to reactivate the stretched out roots. I add olive oil to keep it moisturized and shiny. Then I go on with my day! It's as simple as that =). Till next time... Toodles

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