Saturday, May 18, 2013

Twisted Updo and Curlformers Attempt (CAUTION: PICTURE HEAVY)

Hey guys... so this is long overdue, but let us play catch up.

In the past month I successfully attempted a twist updo.

I finally got around to trying curlformers. But I made the sections too small and ran out of  them by the time I got to the top part of my head. So I proceeded to improvise with perm rods *smh*
Lets just say that it didn't quite work out as I planned it ( please excuse the weary look on my face LOL) . So I spent about an hour and a half trying to style the crazy mop of curls on my head and came up with THIS:

Unfortunately, this style only lasted a day, which doesn't surprise me. I turned it into a braid-out and went on with my life. I did try curlformers again for graduation, this time with bigger sections, and as you can see from my graduation post, it was a success!!

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